Pinot Nero Network

There are seven wineries in Friuli Venezia Giulia that are part of the Rete d’Impresa Pinot Nero FVG group.

The association was born in 2015 with the aim of promoting and enhancing the Pinot Noir which has found a new and fascinating expression in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Gori Winery and the other seven wineries involved in this project believe that Pinot Noir is a symbol of excellent production and the primary objective of the Association is to enhance the characteristics of the territory by giving value in particular to the sub-areas from which come expressions of Pinot Noir that are very different from each other. The members of Rete d’Impresa FVG support the value of terrorir, demonstrating how there is not only one Pinot Noir but as many Pinot Noirs as the production areas, the nature of the territory and its history.

Rete d’Impresa Pinot Nero FVG

“We are known as a region for our white wines, yet we are convinced that Pinot Noir can be among the highest expressions of our quality. Our common denominator is the will to increase the notoriety of Pinot Noir, explaining with the example of our wines, why in this region the wine takes on inimitable characteristics” explains president Fabrizio Gallo. “Pinot Noir is one of which one falls in love with love at first sight; its complex character, however, is not so easy to manage! Pinot Noir requires a lot of attention especially during the extraction phase of color and aromas. We are convinced that this wine, so different depending on the area of ​​birth, can demonstrate the extraordinary production capacity of our land.”.

Pinot nero vini rossi di Gori Agricola


Nemas 1°

Our Pinot Noir is called Nemas 1°.