Gori Agricola

Gori Winery is situated in Nimis, known as Castrum Nemas since the 6th Century, in the northernmost point of the “Colli Orientali” of Friuli. The estate’s vineyards cover 12 hectares on the rolling hills.

Vigneti dell'azienda vitivinicola Gori Agricola di Nimis
Gori Agricola di Nimis

Innovative winery

The winery is able to combine tradition and innovation, putting quality and respect for the environment first.

La cantina innovativa di Gori Agricola a Nimis

The Nimis estate
in the lands of Ramandolo

Our wines

The mountains protect the area from the cold winds of the North, while the proximity to the valley facilitates the thermal excursions in the night that ensure the best development for the flavors of the grapes.

Whites, reds and specials,
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