Schioppettino D.O.C.

Vino Schiopettino di Gori Agricola

Schioppettino D.O.C.

Tita G

It is grown only in some areas of Friuli, therefore indigenous in all respects. It is a grape variety that needs good exposure to the sun and does not like lowland areas, especially if they are humid or with some stagnation of water. In the hills, therefore, it gives the best of himself.

It is vinified in truncated conical vats of 30 Hl, then aged in 500-liter tonneau in French oak. Purplish red to the eye, the herbaceous tones on the nose are unique.

In the mouth it is broad, docile with notes of small fruit with herbaceous hints. Baked rabbit and peasant chicken are perfect with it, but it also gladly accompanies cold cuts and cheeses.

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